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Our History & Promise

Birth of An Experience

We started as a small writing and blogging platform, piecing together narratives from the electronic and labor industries.

Our founder, after having successfully launched a moving and storage business with a classmate of his in 2014 – that still continues to service a growing 2,000 accounts – was taken aback by the lack of effort extended, to those in “red-lined” or gentrified communities.


As an African immigrant, he was familiar with the feeling; it was then he realized he could offer more help than imagined.

Protecting Your Brand - Capabilities

Key Capabilities include:

Prioritizing on-time deliveries, and communication
Strategic partnerships with local businesses and national retailers
Experienced in the moving industry, and heavy goods, including appliances, furniture, Contract carriers and independent servicers hub from Pittsburgh, PA to Harrisburg, PA



Protecting Your Brand - Takeaways

Safe handling and timely communication
Long-term contracts with nationwide companies, and local big box stores
Years of experience in the moving and transportation industry, including appliances, furniture, bedding, and construction material delivery
Reliable brand and product protection

Statewide Network

(Our transportation footprint stretches across Western PA and Central PA)

Our last mile and freight hubs rely on our strategic docks in Freedom, PA & Mechanicsburg, PA.
Our small, local but growing network ensures that the lack of volume does not interfere with your dedication to service and your bottom line.
In addition, our process almost always involves the removal of old items (i.e. furniture, bedding, and appliances) that we dispose of using our environmentally sound partners like ARCA Recycling, Inc.

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